Hi again.

Originally from Fresno, California, I’ve spent the past decade working jointly in academia and radio at places like Harvard, the NPR Arts Desk, St. Louis Public Radio and the New Economic School in Moscow, among others. I was a 2017 NPR Next Generation Radio Fellow, a 2018 alum of the AIR Full Spectrum Storytelling Workshop, and a recipient of a 2016 State Department grant to research how Gen Z is rethinking national identity in Kyrgyzstan. In 2019, I graduated with my Master’s in Russian and Eurasian area studies from Harvard where I focused on the politics of post-Soviet pop culture.

I bring a passion for information, research and analysis to any production. I love diving deep into history and policy to create context, and transforming cold facts into elegant stories that stay with you. A Russian-speaking, third-generation Latina who went from rural California to the Ivy League by way of Missouri and Moscow, I’m agile, adaptive and able to see things from diverse perspectives. 

I’m available to help you create a research plan for your podcast or multimedia project, give you a crash course on the wild world of music licensing for podcasts, or explain in too much detail why the Russian government banned "Paddington 2," the animated movie about the storybook bear. The last one I'll do for free--I love that story. 

In my spare time, I love walking down the Charles River while blasting industrial metal in my headphones and following the Russian garage rock scene from afar. I also run an Instagram account where I catalog things I've found on the ground.